ECMAScript 2019 / ES10 Support (alpha)

Nick Houghton, May 16 2019


We are pleased to announce we have recently added alpha support for ES10 / ECMAScript 2019 features to Sandbox. These are currently only accessible from the version 3 runtime (more info:, and are still in alpha. We expect there will be a few issues to iron out before this can be generally available.

Since our previous version 1 and version 2 runtimes were limited to the features ES5, supporting ES10 is a big jump in features. The most impactful of these changes is arguably ES6 modules that changes the way you package and include modular code, no more needing to require() things in everywhere. Other interesting features:

  • Arrows
  • Classes
  • Template strings
  • let and const
  • Better iterators
  • Modules
  • Spread operators
  • Lots of other stuff

A limited number of new features that are part of ES10+ are not available, notable Atomics and Buffers which are also disabled in ES10 supporting browsers like Chrome for security reasons.

Get started

To start using ES10+ features you need to change your Sandbox to use the new version 3 runtime, this can be done in your Sandbox settings page. More documentation about how to use ES10+ features (especially modules) and how it can help you in Sandbox will be coming as support moves closer to general availability.

Try it out now, and hit us up with any feedback, or raise a ticket on GitHub.