RAML 1.0 Support (beta)

Nick Houghton, August 15 2018

RAML 1.0 beta

We are pleased to announce we have recently extended RAML 1.0 support to the platform. Adding to the existing support for RAML 0.8 and other API definitions you can use to import into Sandbox.

Importing a RAML file to generate your Sandbox definition is as simple as clicking on the new RAML button on your Sandbox Dashboard. The only caveat is that like all the other API definition importers, the RAML file must be a flattened file that doesn’t include any external elements.

This can be tricky with RAML 1.0, as the flattening process we recommended for RAML 0.8 doesn’t appear to be supported, so we are currently only importing flattened RAML 1.0 files, and will be working to figure out a good way to either flatten or support multi-file imports.

JSON Schema example generation

A much requested feature has finally landed, generating example JSON responses for imported API definitions from the included JSON schemas for Swagger and RAML imports. Previously only included example responses were used to create responses in the Sandbox definition, we now fallback to the JSON schema if no examples are provided, this should mean better coverage of APIs after import and less documentation effort in your API definition.

Try it out now, and hit us up with any feedback, or raise a ticket on GitHub.