More JavaScript documentation

Nick Houghton, December 10 2015


Second round of documentation updates are in, more tweaks to request handling , supported libraries and the more details about the JMS implementation for the Sandbox Server deployments.

Recent additions for this week:

JMS Request Handling, a new addition to the platform (server only) is JMS support, so you can build Sandboxes across both HTTP and JMS transports, ActiveMQ and Websphere MQ support to start with.

Supported 3rd party JavaScript libraries available out-of-the box, extended the list to cover the new versions of 3rd party libraries we support. All new Sandboxes created after the go-live date for this feature will be referencing this new set of library versions.

Also tweaks to existing entries. Expect more updates soon!

Hit us up with any feedback, or raise a ticket on GitHub.