JavaScript documentation

Nick Houghton, October 20 2015


We have finally started updating our documentation, and the first bunch of changes are now live. While generally the least enjoyable part of the product development process for us, we’ve stop putting it off have started doing our homework.

Recent additions for this week:

How the require() function works, something that many people figured out by themselves, much like NodeJS our JavaScript files can import other files to create much more maintainable projects. Long overdue, but the docs now explain how it works.

Supported 3rd part JavaScript libraries available out-of-the box, again something many people dug around to find, we’ve now written it down. Also there is now a reference for when we add new or tweak existing 3rd party libraries.

Also tweaks to existing entries. Expect more updates soon!

Hit us up with any feedback, or raise a ticket on GitHub.