RAML Support

Nick Houghton, May 20 2015


We are pleased to announce we have recently added RAML support to the platform. Adding to the existing support for Apiary / API Blueprint, Swagger and WSDL.

Importing a RAML file to generate your Sandbox definition is as simple as clicking on the new RAML button on your Sandbox Dashboard. The only caveat is that like all the other API definition importers, the RAML file must be a flattened file that doesn’t include any external elements.

If you have a large RAML definition you will likely have followed best practices and broken your file down into many sub-files. If you are in this situation, you can use a library to ‘flatten’ your definition for you before importing into Sandbox. One of those tools is node-flat-raml.

Try it out now, and hit us up with any feedback, or raise a ticket on GitHub.